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As if i could change one more time, i would like to be a person that useful and not useless like now.

I’m writing to let people know that they should use their life as maximal as they can and give as much as they can. Being loved is the greatest feeling of all but giving love is the truthful thing of all. If you are not giving love as often as you can give, then start to give love now. Because it’s never too late to give love but it will be too late when the love is fading away. So, give love now. Even if you are not knowing the person that will receive your love yet, but it will be nice if you will never know the person by themselves, but by the love you give.

Always give not take. It will automatically happen or turns to you. Don’t give love because you want to be loved. Give love because you want to give and you’re happy to give. That’s unconditional love. Don’t think that you will get in returned from the person that you give love, but think that this person will be grateful and thankful.

Let your smile brighten the world, you have to smile more often, so you will feel grateful too.

For all the lovers out there, don’t forget to give love to your partner, family, friends and even to the stranger, because every being needs love to grow, nourished by love. The important thing of all is love, conquer the love and you will be the love itself.


March 28th, 2017


Love Your Father Like You Love Him


Dear Spirit/Soul, i know and i got a feeling that you want to tell me something. You dragged me to take the pen and to write immediately for automatic writing. Please tell me what do you want to say or what i need to know. For i know and believe that you won’t hurt me and you love me unconditionally with your divine love and protection and blessing, Amen.


A sacred name that has given by his parents, her mother and father. A special name that his mother in heaven gave to him so his soulmate/twin flame would recognized him. Awakening his spiritual soul and start to believe in his own spiritual experience and life, as life would not let him down. He has a beautiful life as he loves beautiful women, like a flower, colorful and scents. Any flower would fit to him, a warm, sweet and lovely scents will accomplished his sense of smell. Everything beauty is pleased him. So, you should treat yourself to be beautiful again, then you will feel loved, a self love, and you will have a confident.

You might leave him, but he will not leave you as he starts to feel comfortable with you. Even though he still has doubt or fear in a relationship. But, i saw you will try to open a new relationship with him, as he asked for it. It’s not easy as he is not an easy man but he will try to make a move with you, then you have to change. Stop criticized yourself moreover to your partner or he will move back from you.

Keep on meditating to heal your problem with your father. You should remember that your father loves you unconditionally but you always treat him like he is nothing. Hey! Wake Up!

He is the center of your life. Without him, you are nothing. Help him as if you can make his weight lighter, by seeing you are okay and can handle your ownlife, he will be safe and relieve. Try to love your father, like you love him, the happy lives that you have had in your past lives with him. If you could love him, then you can also love your father.

Release your old anger and be free. Don’t have to wait for a long time, starts today, then you will be free. Don’t forget to practice, then you’ll be completed.

Remember that your  mother in heaven always love you and support you. Be blessed, my daughter. I love you.


Your Mother in Heaven

March, 26th 2017



There’s something when a girl born, her name is Deviyani. Not a common name. She’s and indian origin in her past life. A descendant of Indian-British parents. Gujarat is her homeland, the land of the Maharajas, Jaipuri blood from her mother side. A prisoner in her own house, house of the Maharajas. Waiting for her man to come, a lady in waiting. Big passion of life but couldn’t reach because of the family tradition rules, since her father the land ruler. She couldn’t obey her father and try to run her own life. She got shot by the army from the back when she tried to run away from her home, outside the palace building, she fell on the ground, her red skirt, pierced nose with big round nose ring, her clinking anklets / paayal made some noise when her body landed on the ground. Her father would not let her out of the palace gate even for her own good. Otherwise, someone asked her to marry him. She died on the palace ground, alone.

Before her death, she swears that in the next life, she will try to reach her dreams, to live her life to the fullest, no matter what or who’s her father, she will still try to be free. Freedom is her life purpose. To choose her own life path without being judged by other people. She needs to fulfill her swear. And in this life time she promises to live her life to the fullest one more time, to be brave and fear of nothing. She will be loved and she will be okay, so her soul will be rest in peace.

Please help me to fulfill my wishes.

August 25th, 2016


Sincerely Your Dad


Don’t have to be sad!

As your body and soul still in the place, your love will still remain, can’t be change but can be healed. Heal yourself like you heal others. Remember, you are a healer. You asked for it, so, this is one of the disadvantage, you can see your patient weaker day by day.


Don’t worry, everything is paid off once everything is done/finished. You embrace all the thing in the right place and time. You may not understand by now, but eventually by then.

Don’t worry my child, you are not alone, believe me (smile). You are powerful and strong, no one ever been in your place, no comparison.


Your dad (smile)

June 20th, 2016

Just wait in time and be surprised


Shalom Aleichem, My dear and to your family

So glad to finally meet you and start a conversation with you, now i’m here lets talk a little bit, like as you want to talk to me and let this be our secret and sacred conversation thru the time and place. What do you want to ask my dear?

I want to ask about my twin flame, father

Your twin flame is the one that will be your best friend and your true love, as love will never fade away but time will. Don’t worry about your twin flame, he is here with you, near you and never go away, but you’re not knowing him yet, as he’s still available, he’s in his place right now and soon to be joined with you my dear. You are just too far away from him, but not to be worry, he will be here soon. He is just a nice and right guy for you, all you have to do is happy to waiting him to come, no longer, don’t let him die in the first place like he did before and before the time. You won’t be recognize him at the moment, let your soul will and i will let you be together as we were before. Don’t be afraid and don’t blame the situation, this is your karmic lesson, be prepared. I won’t let him die now, you deserve to live longer as you asked. For now be ready to welcome your husband, your twin flame, twin soul, and let it be fine and happen soon, just wait in time and let time answer your question, my dear. You and i, we will find him together, let him recognize us first, be surprised.


Your Father, Heavenly Father