A Bigger Picture


And if you want to tell me something, please do, because i’m very open and really need you to say something whatever it is, let it be my guidance and love that always keep around me that never fade away. Never ask in return and always love me unconditionally. A love that only come from You, the One, the Source, the Holy Man who dwells in heaven, my beloved Father in Heaven. Your words is my strenght and your words would never let me down and hurts me, because i know that you are always love me without any hesitations. True love, pure love that always shine to me as your beloved daughter. And if you want to tell me something, i’m ready to hear as i open my mind and heart and soul to your holy words. Amen.

If there is nothing to worry about then not to be worried much. As Ares told you before, not to overanalyzed the situation and himself. Let it goes as it is. It might be hard for you to understand it, as now you fell like you’ve been cheated. It’s not always goes like that. People often judge theirselves too much and too quickly. They only see the bigger picture without knowing every little pictures that constructs that big picture.

You paint your own picture. If you want it to be colorful or dark or even blank, without any colors applied, because you want it as clean as you can have and you don’t want any stains that will ruined your picture. If you like it then go for it, if you don’t then you should add more color to it. As life is not always blue or white, sometimes it contains thousand colors that will mesmerized you.

Your eyes were made to see beauty in every aspects or pictures. You see what you want to see, and if you don’t want, then you can ask your eyes to see every details or beauty in it. Before the light there was the dark. After the dark there is a light. What you think now is what you want, what you want now is what you feel and what you feel now is what you experience. So, let your soul go to find trueness in your life. As your eyes become blind, your heart become bitter and your brain become stuck. Let the soul find it’s way to reach you back to where you are and reconcile and help you to be a better person.

A beauty in a butterfly is not coming from the day she borns, but there is a painful changing in her life. From nothing to something, from no one to someone, and you should learn from a butterfly, that’s the bigger picture. So, if you feel unloved then give some love, to anyone that might feel unloved too, then you will learn how to be loved and to give love. It’s the most beautiful thing on earth. So, be the love itself.

You’re not responsible for other’s actions or thoughts about you. Let them in their own mind and you will be in your mind. No mind matches, that’s okay, you are not sharing the same brain and same life, you are only sharing a breathe to live.

Listen to your father’s voice, as he’s loud and humble and full of wisdom. It’s okay to feel betrayed and sad and down, you are a soul who lives in a human body. You will feel pain and emotions. And you will remember it everytime you come back to life.

For Astrid has find her own way home, so, you should find your own way home, to the house that full of love, laughters and shelters. A beautiful house that i build for you and ready to welcome you home whenever you are ready, because i’m always with you no matter what, i will always love you my child.

Your Father in Heaven


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