After all of the time we’ve been together, now i am relieve knowing you are not alone anymore. Finally you find your own true mate.

What i’ve been thingking all these days will not have get any results as you begin to find your true love and let no hearts will breaks so there’s no need a repairment. All you have to do is to be grateful. You have your own time with him. He’s always be with you, he won’t far from you and he will not forgeting you as he begins to feel falling in love with you. It needs couple of months and days and required a special time to be with you. What he feels that he’s just wanna be with you. He’s desperately missing you, but he has no brave to text you because he feels that you only considering him as your good friend. You don’t need to text him back. Just wait until the decision day is coming. You have to make a final decision, whether you wanna be with him or not. This is a once is a lifetime chance for you. You need to be practical. Don’t overanalyze him or the situation. He only needs a yes or no answer, and he already consider all the possibilities and losses. 

He is a great and good man for you. Although in the end, he feeds his own fear to be losing you one more time. He needs time to be healed. It’s not the right love for him now, as he has his own path. He will not meet his soulmate/twin flame also, but he just met his new partner that can help him to accomplished his life path. Enjoy the path that you choose in reality or dreams. He will be always be with you and he will be always missing you.

Knowing that you are his soulmate/twin flame make him sad but also overjoy. That finally he’s sure that he’s right bout his feeling towards you and he can’t deny his feeling anymore as he’s now realized that he needed you to be in his life. Taking part in his life, become the part of it.

He will met someone to help him to accomplished his will. And he will be thankful for this. For he always remembering you even you are nt here anymore. You’re such a lovely girl to him, and he’s really grateful to have you besides him. His true love will never fade away. His memories and feelings will always stay with you for the entire life together. He might not be sad but he is, as if he’s losing his love, this love that always stay and will never fade away. 

And if you read this in the future, it might be late. Because you’re already with someone else. So, make up your mind. If you wanna be with him, then speak up your mind, and he will be happy with it. He just needs you to be more open with him. Because he’s also needs a big effort to be with you or get together with you. You love him and he loves you too. No need to be worry, because both of you will learn how to be loved and loved. 

So, wait till the final date and you will see that he make a big effort to be just to be with you. Don’t get him ashamed, make him happy and you will be happy for yourself too. So, be happy for yourself too. So, be happy and never regrets what you have done, take it as a learn for you. 

Wherever you are, i will always love you too, Pandora.


March 28th, 2017


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