My Past Life Oracle Reading



I should not doubt myself anymore. My instinctive knowledge of healing, as well as a natural healing gift, was from my past life as a Healer. It’s embedded within me unconsiously. Taking classes or entering a healing profession, also practicing will bring me into a successful healer. It might be a sign as the best fit profession for me in the future.

The lifestyle habits and my weight or eating-disorder issues might come from this lifetime. Fear of insufficiency, including fear of not having enough money to live. What should i do is to understand that this past is over and will not repeat in this current lifetime. Learn and let it go, open myself up to abundance.

The difficulties relationship with men that i have might also come from the unfinished issues with my father in my past life, and still until now. He may not have been my father in those lives, though, as souls continue to reincarnate together in different roles. Be willing to release old anger of unforgiveness to break any negative patterns with my father’s soul. To be remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you approve of this person’s actions. It simply means that i’m no longer willing to carry around anger energy. Be kind and support him to fullfil his life without overemotional or judging.


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