There’s something when a girl born, her name is Deviyani. Not a common name. She’s and indian origin in her past life. A descendant of Indian-British parents. Gujarat is her homeland, the land of the Maharajas, Jaipuri blood from her mother side. A prisoner in her own house, house of the Maharajas. Waiting for her man to come, a lady in waiting. Big passion of life but couldn’t reach because of the family tradition rules, since her father the land ruler. She couldn’t obey her father and try to run her own life. She got shot by the army from the back when she tried to run away from her home, outside the palace building, she fell on the ground, her red skirt, pierced nose with big round nose ring, her clinking anklets / paayal made some noise when her body landed on the ground. Her father would not let her out of the palace gate even for her own good. Otherwise, someone asked her to marry him. She died on the palace ground, alone.

Before her death, she swears that in the next life, she will try to reach her dreams, to live her life to the fullest, no matter what or who’s her father, she will still try to be free. Freedom is her life purpose. To choose her own life path without being judged by other people. She needs to fulfill her swear. And in this life time she promises to live her life to the fullest one more time, to be brave and fear of nothing. She will be loved and she will be okay, so her soul will be rest in peace.

Please help me to fulfill my wishes.

August 25th, 2016



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