31 Years Old


It’s your birthday.

God sent you to the world to cherish your family with your birth. unfortunately, you are unique, very unique, everyone is unique, they have their own uniqueness, but you are different. You are born to be different from others. You are not their kind, you are very special with special needs and talents and courage your life. some are complicated, some are smooth, everything is undercontrol. You need to control your emotion, be chill and calm down. Don’t take everything too serious,  it will drained your energy. Run a balance life sometimes up sometimes down and sometimes not going anywhere. Buckle up! prepare yourself to the next level, you deserve it.

Someone is waiting for you there behind the door. Don’t be in a rush, take your time and cheers. Wine glass is ready to be poured. Clingking glasses of the wedding toast. A simple wedding ceremony, wedding dress and wait, just wait your happiness is coming closer/near. Enjoy your day, the day when the angels sent you to your mother’s womb. Don’t ask why, just run your life to the fullest. I love you, Deviyani.

August 25, 2016


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