Dear Astrid


Dear Astrid,

Now i know why you gave me these “heat sensation” on my body everytime i met him. You are right, it’s about a revenge. Battle of love and loyalty. It feels like i want to slap and punch him on his face and say, “you are such a bloody jerk”. How can you’re doing the same thing like you were used to be. 

You were angry with Karel. Because he was unfaithful with you, he had so many mistresses out there without any commitment with them, but he was still loved you and didn’t want to lose you because you were his Queen. 

And then, that was the last day of your togetherness, was a happy day and ended up with your tragic death. A car accident. He’s saved and you were not.

Dear Astrid,

Please forgive him for what he had  done. I believe that you are willing to forgive him, and i believe he will reach his conciousness before the time. He’s just in his own mind and thought now, he’s not living in the present time, still in his past life. We’re still have one and a half month to make him realize that he should change.

I’m willing to help you, so please help me too

I love you Astrid


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