Princess Nanyang


I saw my mother with her unique hair and hairdresser, walking from her palace to my residence, along with her maids.

My maid was calling me from the outter of residence wall, “Princess Nanyang… Princess Nanyang”, when my mother was getting closer to my residence. In my concious, i was wandering, “was it Nanyang or Nuanyang or huanyang?” but i kept on hearing “Nanyang…Nanyang…Princess Nanyang”. 

Then i saw, i was dress up in local/public costume with my husband. We used to riding a horse together. He was a warrior, something like that. When he died, i lifted up his body up and cremated him. I was walking on the sacred place, where i saw my ancestor and husband name on the plates.

It could be my past, her story just same as my other past lives. My biggest grieved was my husband death. The loss of my love and my life.


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