The Ring


Yes i do

Yes i do

Yes, i never don’t love you, dear

Yes, i’m so happy. I’m wearing this ring, finally. I’m waiting for a long time to finally wear this ring. Not officially an engagement or wedding ring, but, it’s like the sign that i’m tying a knot with someone, no longer in a time.

He’s here with you, right now. He’s a charming guy, a little bit shy and not showing his passion and feeling to you. He’s just cute for you, but you like him a lot. 

At first he will not showing his affection to you and i feel he’s unavailable right now. I mean he has someone or someone is still in his heart. But that’s okay, as i told you, he will not showing his affection first to you. Chill out and enjoy the process. 

He might not be yours now, but eventually he will. Be patient with the process, it will come to you in a short time.

Go… he’s waiting for you

Go get him if it will make you smile

I like the season of love birds will come soon

Good luck my dear

Love you always,

Your trully friend



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