Monthly Archives: September 2016

A crown over a crown (2)


I’m willing to put down my crown over my head just to be with you, endlessly. A bright future of life that universe gives to us is a blessing over the time

I’m willing to put down my crown to obey you as my beloved one. I’m willing to abdicate my throne just to be with you and i’m willing to release all my power over you

A crown over a crown, my symbolic life of a powerful life that he gave to me. A crown over a crown that i thought i would not put it down or pass it down to my decendant. A crown over a crown is my dignity, my identity and my pride, that i’m willing to let it go. Ignorance, perhaps, will replace my existance

A crown over a crown, you’re just a history now




He is your beloved lover. Old times. You were together as one, inseparable.

Love is in the air, the love birds. Love freedom, love to be free, you and i will always be together. From now on, then, forever will always be together.

Love, love, love is all about love.

It’s about our love that will never end, and our fire, the fire ball which is dwelling in me, will be shine when we meet once again. The ball that i give to you as a mark that you are my twin flame, my other half, my beloved one, and our love will always shine and bright as we are one.

It’s all about love, and love, and love, love is in the air. I’m happy that we will reunite and be together as we were before and our love will never die and fade out, because our love is strong and will conquer the world. Love.

I love you, Deviyani

A Lady in Waiting


A father figure. He can be your husband, father and friend. What you are dreaming of, will be come true.

He’s not too handsome and chubby, but you love him a lot, like he’s the only one. But, actually you will have two. Two lovers who loves you unconditionally, they are willing to sacrife their lives for you.

As you are turn into a fine and good lady. Just like a lady in waiting, you keep yourself as a lady in waiting, so you will fight and win his heart and you happy with it.

Keep on trying and fighting! Love is worth to fight!