From Nubia to China


We met in Nubia, 109 A.D, i’m a scholar priestess of Isis Temple. But no match with the Highly Priestess as she’s the chosen one to run the temple by herself. She’s not selfish, but she’s just doing what the Higher Being told her to do. Even she sacrifices her life to be a faithful servant of Isis in the Isis Temple, Nubia. And so, i resign myself because i have no chance to learn much as a priestess in Nubia. I traveled a lot, until i came in somewhere in China and i met someone there that i knew i am match with her, like a twin soul.

She’s a gentle and feminine woman figure. Her skin is so soft and white as a blooming flower. She was standing under a blooming white and pink flower tree. White of snow, pink when the flower begin to bloom. She’s 18 years old, waiting for her lover to come, her family – her father and her beloved brother -, if it’s not her brother, she would be his wife, but the creator told her not to do it as her wish to be a fair lady of the family. The royal kingdom, Tsai Qi, always looking for her. He came to her house and asking her father, if he wants to marry her, but she doesn’t want to. He’s just a bloody bastard, who is luckily to be a royal born. One day, the royal warriors came to her house, the commander said that she has something to hiding inside, that the kingdom, Emperor looking for it. She said, “it’s my body, i don’t want to give my body to someone that i didn’t know”, therefore she ran away with her brother through behind the hills, and wish to hide there until they go. But, her father came home, ridding her rigid brown horse. They took his life because he couldn’t tell them where to find or what is hiding within her. And there she was witnessing the death of her father. Then she become a monk, and release herself from this world and start to come to his world and become a bodhisattva.

Our meeting is not as much as i thought, she never moves from the tree. It’s like the tree is her charger and the tree took her energy to become a powerful tree among other trees. I’m waiting here with her, besides her, waiting her to completely conscious, but she’s never conscious. Until one day i decided to pray like she did. I put my carrier back on the ground, and start to close my eyes and be calm until i can’t hear anybody else and the other sounds. So calm, until i realize that it’s almost a year, i don’t eat, i don’t drink and i feel like i’m just sleeping with calmness of the nature and sounds of the wind. I feel more energized and ready to continue my travel. I never meet her in a person but we speak thru our heart and mind. She’s mindfulness and she never moves from that tree until someone find her stiffed, just like the tree. She has reached her fulfillment and she’s complete.

So, i’m ready to find my own mindfulness thru time and space. But, then i found myself, can’t be a priestess. I don’t find myself fit with it. So, i decided to become a princess in every of my lives. And i keep my knowledge as a priestess, the magic and so on to help me through the time. Nonetheless i never fit to be a priestess.

June 10th, 2016


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