Just wait in time and be surprised


Shalom Aleichem, My dear and to your family

So glad to finally meet you and start a conversation with you, now i’m here lets talk a little bit, like as you want to talk to me and let this be our secret and sacred conversation thru the time and place. What do you want to ask my dear?

I want to ask about my twin flame, father

Your twin flame is the one that will be your best friend and your true love, as love will never fade away but time will. Don’t worry about your twin flame, he is here with you, near you and never go away, but you’re not knowing him yet, as he’s still available, he’s in his place right now and soon to be joined with you my dear. You are just too far away from him, but not to be worry, he will be here soon. He is just a nice and right guy for you, all you have to do is happy to waiting him to come, no longer, don’t let him die in the first place like he did before and before the time. You won’t be recognize him at the moment, let your soul will and i will let you be together as we were before. Don’t be afraid and don’t blame the situation, this is your karmic lesson, be prepared. I won’t let him die now, you deserve to live longer as you asked. For now be ready to welcome your husband, your twin flame, twin soul, and let it be fine and happen soon, just wait in time and let time answer your question, my dear. You and i, we will find him together, let him recognize us first, be surprised.


Your Father, Heavenly Father


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