The Rebellious Girl


I landed on a ground of an old stone church surrounded by colorful flowers and trees. I was a little girl, my mother held my left hand, we were walking together on the gravel-covered floor of my house. Big house, there was a centerpiece fountain situated before the house I was about to enter. I wore a pair of white shoes, white stockings, and a lace day dress. My mother was a very quiet and busy person. I felt that I got a shot in my chest. So did my family.
Then I was a 32-year-old Korean/Chinese soldier who was on a spying or agent duty. My eyes pierced so sharply, and nobody liked me.
Then I became a little girl again, this time I knew I was adopted. I grew up rebellious. In my 30s, I met a man to whom I think I was married. Good life, loving each other. And then I realized that I would be alone eventually and I would have to stand by my own life without being able to depend on anybody else. We walked around town with brick pavement, then I got shot. I died, I smiled.
What I learn upon knowing I was an adopted child, I turned to become a rebel. But, as I grew up and found my own life, everything cleared up. You will be on your own, you will be alone eventually, and you don’t have to be afraid of it, and no regret.

-29th April 2016-


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