A conversation with Kuan Yin


For the last few days, i had a rollercoaster emotional time, and it’s torturing me. And so, today i had a chance to came home earlier, cleanse myself and sat on the bed, i did some meditation, grabbed my Kuan Yin Oracle Card and start to make a conversation with her. 

Me: what is the purposes of having this oracle card?

KY: Sweeping Sister Willow (31), brings you healing for forgiveness and release of old pain. Sweep any sadness and pain from your gear and soul.

Me: If it so, why should it be you? Not Isis or Mary or the others?

KY: Sisters of The Star Blossoms (27), because we have a soul connection.

Me: What kind of “old pain” that i should be release?

KY: The Amaryllis Lute (34), you have won a victory over the past and the Amaryllis Lute is sounding through every cell of your being, heralding your rising vibration as you leave fear behind you once again. It’s safe and loving for you to release that which no longer feels right for you, no matter how much it was important in your old life, it might not have the same place in your new life. Be more discerning about what you consume and how it might affect you possitively or negatively, this might be food/relationships/energies/visualor reading material and music/environments and emotional tendencies in certain friendship and work environments. You don’t have to make dramatic changes to have dramatic effects! Choosing to smile more, to be gentler and kinder to yourself and others, to not be a doormat and to be firm and loving about meeting your own needs, chanting, meditation and dance can help too, but remember that what works for another may not work for you, so it’s an experiment and fun one at that.

Me: What do you mean by “release that which no longer feels right for you, no matter how much it was important in your old life, it might not have been the same place in your life?”

KY: The Yin Empress (40), your Soul Purpose. Your are meant to help it grow and change. Help it be free of fear that leads to competition and domination and power struggles and instead to live from a place of love and peace. You are being asked to live into your feminime power, to be true to who you are and not give in to social conditioning that tells you feminime power is not enough, that you must compromise your values, your beliefs or your compassion to “get ahead” or “come out on top”.

Me: So, what is my Soul Purpose?

KY: Mother Fierce (18), is your Guardian. Sometimes however lower vibrational response will arise which might be fearful, insecure, jealous and angry. These response arise so that they can be healed. In the midst of any apparent challenge or threat, no matter how frightening it may seem, and no matter how insecure you might feel about taking a step on your spiritual path into more power, know that you are safe, you are protected, you are loved.

Me: Is there any another Soul Purpose of me? 

KY: Tai Chi Rising (32), your energy field is growing stronger with more spiritual electricity pulsing through your being. You can help teach others about the power of gentleness, that force is not required and that kindness can be the most healing and powerful balm of all. As your energy field grows, your words and thoughts have more potency, take your time and be careful as you realise the impact that your actions and thoughts will have in the world of forms now. No need to worry about this, My nature will guide you into the compassion and right actions. Let your energy field continue to grow through chanting, meditation, energy work and healing, and whatever else intuitively feels right for you.

Me: What is the goal of my Soul Purpose?

KY: Ivory Swan Goddess (15), a spiritual grace and purity. Release guilt, shame, judgement or fear that you are not enough in any way, so that you may realise your beauty, be more of yourself and shine your divine essence into the world. This is a peaceful and joyful path. You become capable of seeing the god and goddess shining out at you in the most unlikely of people, situations and experiences. 

Me: Is there any messages left to be told?

KY: Eight Immortals (9), the messages you have been receiving that are unconditionally loving, fearless and encouraging of you to grow and be your true Self are from your Higher Guidance. Sometimes you may question whether you are in contact with genuine spiritual guidance or engaging in wishful thinking. Genuine guidance is simple, clear and repetitive. When you ask for confirmation, the more open you are, the more quickly the confirmation can reach you in the form of signs, conversations and serendipitious happenings, it also can be instantaneous and from multiple unconnected source. When guidance in not a higher vibrational variety, it willbe judging, of you or others, it will not feel right, doesn’t bring you into deeper peace, it simply confuses and confirms judgment. You can call upon the Eight Immortals and any being that loves you unconditionally and trust that you will receive quality guidance.

Me: Thank you for this lovely conversation we had, now i know what i have to do, and may God, You and other beings that loves me unconditionally, will help me within the process of accomplishing my Soul Purpose. 

Om Mani Padme Hum


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