our story


if you have a strong bound relationship, you will find it easy to calm her down

if you don’t have a strong bound relatioship, like me, you will find it hard to calm her down and make her comfortable

Anger, impatient, sharp tongue!! never wish to have them, but, it just come out spontaneously. Never mean to hurt her, never mean to make her cry and blame herself, never mean to be disrespectful child. 

i had tried and keep on trying to understand her. maybe i haven’t put my best effort to her. the only problem is, i even sometimes cannot recognize myself, i am too busy with my life because i am not sure what i want to be. alot of things in my head, but i don’t know how to reach them. i always thinking bout you and him, what if i go for 3days, for me time? i always thinking bout you and him. do you miss me? do you behave well? feel pity on him, cause i put him alone handling her.

There is almost no problem with you, but one thing, alzheimer took you away from me. Although, it is time for me to return all your kindness and love back to yourself. Being loved and to be love…

I am sorry… i love you tho…


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