Alexander Christopher


As i reached the bridge, my guardian lady is standing there, with white long coat, holding a long white wand, before i step further, i thank her. 

A green field, almost like a battle field. i’m wearing a thick shoes, with a red color coat, and strecth white pants. My eyes are greenish blue, medium brunnete hair, i ride my horse to see around. There is a lady, wearing a black lace gown, and black lace hat, i thought she was my gardener, but the i realize, that she’s a noble woman or a royalty that has a crush in me. She sat on a bench and playing with the flower while looking at me. I keep on ride my horse.

 The the time turns into several years. 

I saw a short fat man, holding a cigar sit in a round table. it was like a party, i was like in the 2nd floor hotel or palace or castle. On the 1st floor many people dancing by following the music. Then i came to this short fat man, with white shirt and stretch white pants and black boots, my name is Alexander known as Christopher. I’m not quite sure who am i, a patriot or a noble born or a royalty, but, i can feel that it is a celebrating night, a joyful night. I walked near a window, all i can see, my home is a black or dark grey narrow top castle, with a gren field on the center. I look into this short fat man eyes, as if i can recognized him in my present life, but then i’m in doubt. At a glance, he looks like my father, so be it. 

Then i walked out thru the door, i bring the charisma, brave and free life of Christopher, and i put back all my anger and low self confident behind. I met my guardian lady, and i thank her for letting me in into that door and protecting me, i bow my head down to her, then i feel like i know her, she’s like a queen, her aura her eyes, it’s a familiar person, but, i don’t know who. 

The other side of my past life, i never thought it would be different story. Thank you Alexander for your charisma and brave life


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