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Alexander Christopher


As i reached the bridge, my guardian lady is standing there, with white long coat, holding a long white wand, before i step further, i thank her. 

A green field, almost like a battle field. i’m wearing a thick shoes, with a red color coat, and strecth white pants. My eyes are greenish blue, medium brunnete hair, i ride my horse to see around. There is a lady, wearing a black lace gown, and black lace hat, i thought she was my gardener, but the i realize, that she’s a noble woman or a royalty that has a crush in me. She sat on a bench and playing with the flower while looking at me. I keep on ride my horse.

 The the time turns into several years. 

I saw a short fat man, holding a cigar sit in a round table. it was like a party, i was like in the 2nd floor hotel or palace or castle. On the 1st floor many people dancing by following the music. Then i came to this short fat man, with white shirt and stretch white pants and black boots, my name is Alexander known as Christopher. I’m not quite sure who am i, a patriot or a noble born or a royalty, but, i can feel that it is a celebrating night, a joyful night. I walked near a window, all i can see, my home is a black or dark grey narrow top castle, with a gren field on the center. I look into this short fat man eyes, as if i can recognized him in my present life, but then i’m in doubt. At a glance, he looks like my father, so be it. 

Then i walked out thru the door, i bring the charisma, brave and free life of Christopher, and i put back all my anger and low self confident behind. I met my guardian lady, and i thank her for letting me in into that door and protecting me, i bow my head down to her, then i feel like i know her, she’s like a queen, her aura her eyes, it’s a familiar person, but, i don’t know who. 

The other side of my past life, i never thought it would be different story. Thank you Alexander for your charisma and brave life


Another Journey


From the very beginning, i saw a blonde lady in late 18th century dress, walking down from a balcony to the garden. There were a birthday party, her child’s. 

Then i arrived in a ballroom, with gold wallpaper list and blue wallpapper. There’s a man with tuxedo, coming right to me. It seems like the housekeeper. I have a husband and children. My house is next to the ballroom building. I saw my husband and children. I am happy, i have a happy life with my family. Then, i saw myself on the ground looking outside the building. And, im going back to my consious state of mind, and feeling great with the experience. 

Thank you God, for your guidance and protection thru the whole experience.