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 Last night i opened my Kuan Yin Oracle Cards. I was asking about my past life. My question was, “what should i change/fix from my past life?” then i shuffle and drew 3 cards.

1. Sweeping Sister Willow (31)

2. The Yin Empress (40)

3. Dynasty of The Divine Mother (8)

The cards were telling me that i should forgive myself before forgiving others. Letting go of thoughts or revenge and free myself from the past, so i will have a power, assistance and blessings from Kuan Yin to help others to grow and change. Later on only a spiritual legacy, a compassion for human suffering and to lift humanity out of ignorance into peace. 


Gold Colour


I just finished my meditation. I asked, “is there any issue in my past life that i should be fixed in this life?”.

There was no such a particular thing, but, suddenly my right hand, move like scooping water from the river. I was thirsty. i am a female with long black hair. I drink water from my hand palm. Then i wash my head, my face until i feel clean and i’m no longer thirsty.

Soon after, i see a light. And someone is talking to me in male voice. My conversation:

Me: “why you colour is gold? are you male or female? are you angels, archangel, ascended master? what should i do with my past life?”

He replied, “There is no such male or female, we are all the same. My colour is gold, you know where to find it.”

Me: “But, you colour is also purple”.

He replied: “My main colour is Gold, even you see the purple. You should recognized us from our colour, not by our name. You know where to find me. Now go back to you chair, you need to work now, bless you so you can blessed others”

Then i open my eyes, and i feel so blessed.


I open my laptop and googling bout gold aura. And i found some of it.

Gold (Angel Colors)

Abundance, knowledge and an enlightened mind. Charm, certainty, and charisma. The color gold will help you tap into the ancient knowledge of your soul, and the angels who can help you gain access. (source:

The Archangel Uriel: Uriel is the Angel of Peace and is associated with the colors purple and gold. Uriel resolves all problems in personal, social and professional relationships and helps to create harmony in life. Uriel is the angel of nurses, doctors, counselors and teachers. Spiritually he can help you to let go of bitterness and resentment, renewing hope in the hearts of those that have lost faith. He is also the angel who manifests divine justice. (source:

The 6th Ray of Incarnation (source:

The sixth Ray is the ruby, purple and gold ray. If you are a sixth ray soul then you have ruby, gold or purple (or a mixture of these) as your soul colour.

The sixth ray has the purpose of being the ray which manifests devotion to the god within, it is also the ray of the goddess.

The Chohan of the ray, a single Ascended Master focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. The Chohan of the sixth ray is Lady Nada at the moment.

If you are a sixth ray soul then you will be working to possess some of the positive attributes of the ray. Positive attributes of the 6th ray are inner strength, ability to speak divine truths and devotion. 6th ray women are strong within themselves, and often stand out as being powerful women, yet often with the softening of the divine feminine. This ray has few men on it.

There are many Ascended Masters working on the sixth ray. if you are a 6th ray soul one of these Masters will be assigned to you to act as your ascension teacher.

Some of the sixth Ray Masters are Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Isis, Lady Portia, Hathor and Eros.

The Elohim of this ray are Peace and Aloha. The Archangels of this ray are Uriel and Aurora.

Here are the soul ray colours according to your Ascended Master /teacher. As you can see the 6th ray soul colour changes with each teacher.

6th Ray – Ruby, Gold and Purple Ray – the ray of Devotion and goddess Ray

    Hathor – the gold is a wash over the ruby

     Isis – a rare few have a pure gold soul colour, or the purple with a gold wash soul colour, but most have the ruby which is translucent

       Lady Nada – some have a soul colour of ruby with a translucent gold glow or pure gold and others have the purple only.

      Pallas Athena – those with Pallas can have 1 of these 3 colours. The purple has a gold edge.

  Portia – the colour of the soul ray of those with Portia suggests the 7th ray, but Portia’s own colours are Purple and Ruby, placing her and her chelas (students) firmly on the 6th ray.

Yes, it’s you


As tonight i’m doing meditation using kuan yin’s mirror audio, i feel so blessed and lots of pictures coming thru. And i know what i did before i get the audio, that movements, yes.. it’s her! same movements… thank you for guiding me thru my life…for the unconditonal love and beautiful light upon me. Thank you..