Help Me to Cross Over the Light


As today, i walked up thru a spiral stairs, until the peak. There’s a room. A lady is sitting on a stool, she’s like a queen. She is inviting me into her chamber. I saw a baby and a child on the bed, swinging bed. I sat between the pillar, and then 6-8 blade hit my arms, but i am not wounded. I said to her, you can not hurt me because i am not you. Then she asked me a favor, she asked me to help her cross over the light. She has been trapped in that room for a long time. Then i said to her, i will help you cross over the light, but you have to bring along your children. They didn’t know that they are already dead. The she took her children bodies with her, and ready to cross over the light.

I said, “You are beautiful, but you are not belong in here anymore. You deserve to be in the right place, with light and peace. Keep spreading love, be loved and to loving each other. May peace always be with you”

Then she walked into the light with her children…stock-photo-in-silhouette-a-woman-with-two-young-children-flying-a-kite-in-the-sky-with-a-colorful-sunset-as-a-92145025


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