Crystal in White, Violet and Pink


I was asking for 10 minutes aura healing this morning, my hands start to moving like making a ball in the palm of my hand, and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger then, lifting up upon my head and pour it down, rubbing my hair, ears, down to my pelvis and up to my eyes, repeatedly. It’s like a crystal ball, transparent white color. After that, i made the same gesture and movement, but this time the color is violet and pink. My hands rubbing my shoulder and chest, with same movements.

I had a picture from his back, of a half bald man, with long braided hair, it’s like from Qing Dynasty in China. He was standing in a terrace of podium or wall, looking down where the procession or convoy of a lady passing by. He ran to the convoy. I have no idea who is the man. After the aura healing, i feel much more better. My shoulder feels so light, like the weight is taken off.

I just need to release all my tension and put away my highest hope to see and meet my higher self or ascended master, like i used to had. Now i can see by the color and finding out who might come.

Thank you for healing me…


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