AEON and an Armor Lady


A big bird was flying down from the sky towards me, then he lifting up fast.

A man with a white-gold embroidery, holding like a long magical wand. He told me, to looked up high into the sky, a lot of big birds fliying in circular motion, he said, “i created this and nurtured them”, because i am AEON. Then, he rides something like oval flake thing, and leave.

A male presence. My ego said, “archangel”, but the other voice said, “Saint Germain, Saint Germain, Saint Germain”. He came with a crown, and red robe, sitting in a high red chair. I asked him, “how can you meditate with me, if you sit on your chair?”, he said, “It is just your interpretation”. The he sat down front left of me. I was like in a big hall, with a long window and colorful stained glass. Outside the window, there was a violet color. I saw colorful light from head to under his belly. My hand moved along with the color. But then, this AEON thing, popped up in my mind, a distraction. Then Saint Germain said to me, ” you should back to focus”. I tried but i couldn’t.

joan or arc

And suddenly my left hand, lifted up, and made a circular motion in front of me, it’s like i hold a sword or something like wand or stick. She wore an armor. She had a strong aura, then my hand move upon my head in circular motion for several times then to back of my head and body like making a protection, big round protection from head to toe. Then she rubbed my eyes several times, and before they go, she talked to me, “don’t forget us, keep on writing about us, we’re glad that you recognize us”, then my eyes slowly wide open.


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