She’s no ordinary


The ego female came to me. She laughed at me, she was challengin me as if i could get her away from me. I said, I have a God and Angels. I’ll asked my masters to come to you, and they did come. She was frightening, and they took her away.

Then a man came to me, he asked me to look inside my heart, what do you see?. I saw my heart divided into small pieces, with a picture and letters in it. Anger, Love,Passion,Revenge,Sorrow, Joyfulness, Ego, etc. He asked me to choose which pieces that i want to take out from my heart, and which pieces that i want to let it stay. Then he put it on a wooden box, and took it away with him.

Sssshhhh…. a parseltongue!! a female presenced. Black long middle hair, my face turn left, my hand was starting to move according to her movement. Soft movements, like dancing but not, it’s worshiping and admiring movements. The  my face move back, straight. She’s standing infront of me. Long white dress with belt and hair ornaments. She rubbed my hair, my face, down to the bottom, She’s rubbing my eyes several times, then she leaves.

Elegant but powerful.. she’s no ordinary, rare moment..

373 Goddess Isis worked web


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