In a Loneliness


She asked me to close my eyes and met my guardian, asked him to give me protection, then choose a path

It was like a fireflies, choose one, move forward, open the door

I stood with a slippers and a white sleeping gown, on a ground, it was dark, a road ahead on my left, a house on my right

then she said to flies in next 5 years

1895 or 1865 number and England was popping up but i didn’t have a chance to know her name

She had a son, blonde, blue eyes, 5 – 7 years old, and i know this boy

the she said to flies in the end of my day

A coffin!! i was inside the open coffin… laying down, long sleep, i wore black lace gown

My Brother was standing besides me, i couldn’t find my husband and my son

Big round hat, these ladies were talking about me, poor…pity…

She asked, what caused of the death?, i said, “Hearth Attack, dying in a loneliness”

Then i walked out, i bring happiness, Love and Joy with me

and i left my anger, ego and revenge behind


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