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Help Me to Cross Over the Light


As today, i walked up thru a spiral stairs, until the peak. There’s a room. A lady is sitting on a stool, she’s like a queen. She is inviting me into her chamber. I saw a baby and a child on the bed, swinging bed. I sat between the pillar, and then 6-8 blade hit my arms, but i am not wounded. I said to her, you can not hurt me because i am not you. Then she asked me a favor, she asked me to help her cross over the light. She has been trapped in that room for a long time. Then i said to her, i will help you cross over the light, but you have to bring along your children. They didn’t know that they are already dead. The she took her children bodies with her, and ready to cross over the light.

I said, “You are beautiful, but you are not belong in here anymore. You deserve to be in the right place, with light and peace. Keep spreading love, be loved and to loving each other. May peace always be with you”

Then she walked into the light with her children…stock-photo-in-silhouette-a-woman-with-two-young-children-flying-a-kite-in-the-sky-with-a-colorful-sunset-as-a-92145025


White Dresses


She dance with a white layered gown on her lotus gazebo, so happy. Then i see a woman with a wedding dress, her friends in bridesmaid dress. This is a beach… she marry him on a beach.

She wear another wedding gown, walking thru the isle, with her blonde husband. Twice holy matrimony, what a lovely sight

Your Body is our home


I call upon ascended masters, holy spirits, higher beings only from the lights being, i am asking you God to protect and guide me thru my meditation this morning.

  The same movements and gestures. She holds a white crystal ball. It’s small but the it become bigger bigger and biiigggeerr that enough to make a full protection thru my entire body.

She said you are beauty. The beauty is in you. Love yourself as you love your husband, your parents, your family, everyone that you love. Do not destruct your body, because your body is our home, you are meant to be. As i almost opened my eyes, i see myself in like in a chinese kungfu uniform, color almost like dark blue with gold embroidery list, and hight twisted hair, with blue ribbon, on meditation. 

Crystal in White, Violet and Pink


I was asking for 10 minutes aura healing this morning, my hands start to moving like making a ball in the palm of my hand, and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger then, lifting up upon my head and pour it down, rubbing my hair, ears, down to my pelvis and up to my eyes, repeatedly. It’s like a crystal ball, transparent white color. After that, i made the same gesture and movement, but this time the color is violet and pink. My hands rubbing my shoulder and chest, with same movements.

I had a picture from his back, of a half bald man, with long braided hair, it’s like from Qing Dynasty in China. He was standing in a terrace of podium or wall, looking down where the procession or convoy of a lady passing by. He ran to the convoy. I have no idea who is the man. After the aura healing, i feel much more better. My shoulder feels so light, like the weight is taken off.

I just need to release all my tension and put away my highest hope to see and meet my higher self or ascended master, like i used to had. Now i can see by the color and finding out who might come.

Thank you for healing me…

Nasib dan Takdir


Setiap keadaan hidup yang berusaha untuk kau ubah dan kau berhasil mengubahnya, itulah NASIBmu, sedangkan untuk sesuatu yang berusaha kau ubah namun tidak berhasil kau ubah, itulah TAKDIRmu.

Jika kau hanya menyesali nasib, maka nasib itu akan menjadi takdirmu. Jika kau hanya menyesali takdir, maka takdir itu akan menghentikan perubahan nasibmu di masa depan. 

Nasib itu terbatas hanya dalam satu masa kehidupan, tetapi takdir akan berkelanjutan dari satu masa kehidupan ke masa kehidupan lainnya. Biarlah waktu yang memastikan, nasib dan takdir mana yang akan menemuimu pada kehidupan kali ini.

Jadi anak-Ku, berhentilah menyesali takdirmu saat ini. Belajarlah menentukan takdirmu di kehidupan selanjutnya. Kau berhak sepenuhnya atas perjalanan jiwamu. Itulah kuasamu sebagai jiwa

*Saat Semesta Berbicara – W. Mustika*

I really miss you


It’s getting hard to concentrate. I even can’t meet my higher self. Too much pictures in my head, too much voices and noises. 

God… i really miss my time as a lucky beginner. When i can easily meet, talk and listen to your messages. I miss your presence, it gives me strenght, relieve and happiness. Now, i feel empty…

Fill me God with your presence, with your holy spirits and angels… i really miss you, so bad…

AEON and an Armor Lady


A big bird was flying down from the sky towards me, then he lifting up fast.

A man with a white-gold embroidery, holding like a long magical wand. He told me, to looked up high into the sky, a lot of big birds fliying in circular motion, he said, “i created this and nurtured them”, because i am AEON. Then, he rides something like oval flake thing, and leave.

A male presence. My ego said, “archangel”, but the other voice said, “Saint Germain, Saint Germain, Saint Germain”. He came with a crown, and red robe, sitting in a high red chair. I asked him, “how can you meditate with me, if you sit on your chair?”, he said, “It is just your interpretation”. The he sat down front left of me. I was like in a big hall, with a long window and colorful stained glass. Outside the window, there was a violet color. I saw colorful light from head to under his belly. My hand moved along with the color. But then, this AEON thing, popped up in my mind, a distraction. Then Saint Germain said to me, ” you should back to focus”. I tried but i couldn’t.

joan or arc

And suddenly my left hand, lifted up, and made a circular motion in front of me, it’s like i hold a sword or something like wand or stick. She wore an armor. She had a strong aura, then my hand move upon my head in circular motion for several times then to back of my head and body like making a protection, big round protection from head to toe. Then she rubbed my eyes several times, and before they go, she talked to me, “don’t forget us, keep on writing about us, we’re glad that you recognize us”, then my eyes slowly wide open.

She’s no ordinary


The ego female came to me. She laughed at me, she was challengin me as if i could get her away from me. I said, I have a God and Angels. I’ll asked my masters to come to you, and they did come. She was frightening, and they took her away.

Then a man came to me, he asked me to look inside my heart, what do you see?. I saw my heart divided into small pieces, with a picture and letters in it. Anger, Love,Passion,Revenge,Sorrow, Joyfulness, Ego, etc. He asked me to choose which pieces that i want to take out from my heart, and which pieces that i want to let it stay. Then he put it on a wooden box, and took it away with him.

Sssshhhh…. a parseltongue!! a female presenced. Black long middle hair, my face turn left, my hand was starting to move according to her movement. Soft movements, like dancing but not, it’s worshiping and admiring movements. The  my face move back, straight. She’s standing infront of me. Long white dress with belt and hair ornaments. She rubbed my hair, my face, down to the bottom, She’s rubbing my eyes several times, then she leaves.

Elegant but powerful.. she’s no ordinary, rare moment..

373 Goddess Isis worked web

In a Loneliness


She asked me to close my eyes and met my guardian, asked him to give me protection, then choose a path

It was like a fireflies, choose one, move forward, open the door

I stood with a slippers and a white sleeping gown, on a ground, it was dark, a road ahead on my left, a house on my right

then she said to flies in next 5 years

1895 or 1865 number and England was popping up but i didn’t have a chance to know her name

She had a son, blonde, blue eyes, 5 – 7 years old, and i know this boy

the she said to flies in the end of my day

A coffin!! i was inside the open coffin… laying down, long sleep, i wore black lace gown

My Brother was standing besides me, i couldn’t find my husband and my son

Big round hat, these ladies were talking about me, poor…pity…

She asked, what caused of the death?, i said, “Hearth Attack, dying in a loneliness”

Then i walked out, i bring happiness, Love and Joy with me

and i left my anger, ego and revenge behind

A Crown Over A Crown



As i closed my eyes, asking for the white light to come

A lady with a crown in the center of her head and a long veil came

A Double Protection!! or is it just me in the past?

She looks like Mother Mary, but she’s not…

She looks like Mary Magdalene, but she’s not…

She looks like Quan Yin, but she’s not…

A royal aura, a queen, an empress, an empress dowager…

Whoever she is, i should thank her for her presence and protection…